பிளாக் ஸ்டார்லைனர் ஸ்டுடியோஸ் அதிகாரப்பூர்வ COVID-19 வெற்றி பாடலைக் கொண்ட புதிய ஆல்பத்தை வெளியிடுகிறது – ‘யுனைடெட் வி ஸ்டாண்ட்.

Black Starliner Studios Releases New Album Featuring the Official COVID-19 Victory Song – ‘United We Stand

“COVID-19 has brought the best humanitarian efforts out of all of us, and this song reminds us that we need each other to survive. Unity is not just another captivating word; we’ve all been in some way or another affected by this global pandemic. However challenging it is, we know the only way out is to stay united as a people,” says Confidence (Songwriter).

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In this time of great uncertainty, the world needs something therapeutic and grounding for encouragement to persevere. ‘United We Stand’ – the new song by Black Starliner Studios off the ‘Confidence Is Key’ album – highlights the global participation in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black Starliner Studios is proud to release its New Album ‘Confidence is Key’ by its newly signed artist – Confidence. The album consists of six tracks, including the single “United We Stand,” dubbed the official COVID-19 victory song. Bringing together 16 artists to its one-stop music production and administration facility in Canada, the company successfully projected that our Victory is in our Humanity.

“United We Stand” is a visible unity project that speaks, shows, and projects unity in the midst of the pandemic. Aside from being a therapeutic escape to keep us focused on the positive, it also emphasizes the efforts of everyone working tirelessly to flatten the curve.

“The victory song is dedicated to essential workers who are actively watching out for everyone, despite the situation of putting their own lives at risk, and everyone who has contributed financially. We want them to know that we see, acknowledge and celebrate their resilience as we come together as one,” says Confidence.

The 16 artists involved in this project are pleased to play a crucial part in their own way. It is beneficial that we do away with panicking as we face this pandemic and take all action with a clear, calm mind and logical reasoning. Together, we all play a balancing contribution to sustain progress and maintain as much peace and stability as we can.

The mind (singer, songwriter, musical director & producer) behind this album is no other than Confidence Survival Eyong; a Canadian-based, Nigerian Sankofa artist who has been honing her skills working tirelesslyon the recently released album since 2018. The album was fully administered and recorded at Black Starliner Studios and lends itself as far as Jamaica to the experienced Grammy Award-winning Gregory Morris and Rohan Dwyer for both the mix and master engineering. 

Watch the ‘United We Stand’ Pre-Release Video, where the artists share their views on the project.

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