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The census paints a portrait of Canada’s population and the places where we live. Information from the census will ensure that your community has the data it needs for planning schools, daycare, housing, hospitals, emergency services, roads, public transportation, and employment skills training.

Statistics Canada is currently hiring approximately 32,000 people for census enumerator and crew leader positions across Canada. Be part of a great undertaking and join our 2021 Census team!

  • For more information on the jobs available for the 2021 Census and the hiring process, please visit the 2021 Census jobs FAQ.
  • For any questions regarding the online recruitment application, please refer to the Online job application FAQ

Statistics Canada is hiring in your community!

  • Schools, housing, and health and emergency services are all planned using census data.
  • We are hiring approximately 32,000 census employees to count every person in Canada.
  • In the current context of COVID-19, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees at all times.
  • Help your community to plan for the future—apply now!


  • Pay rates vary by position from $17.83 to $21.77 per hour, plus authorized expenses.
  • Start and end dates vary by position and location, but are between March and July 2021.
  • You must be available to work flexible hours, mainly evenings and weekends.

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TTY (a telecommunications device for deaf persons): 1-833-830-3109

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