Attention Survivors and Witnesses of Black July 83 சாட்சிகள் கவனத்திற்கு!

Attention Survivors and Witnesses of Black July 83!

By: Canadian Tamil Congress

We are reaching out to all those who experienced the tragic events during this dark period in Tamil history. Your voices deserve to be heard, your stories deserve to be shared, and your courage deserves to be honored. We invite you to come forward and share your testimonies, shedding light on the injustices that took place during Black July 1983.

We urge all survivors and witnesses of Black July to come forward and share their personal experiences. Your testimonies will help educate future generations and others about the atrocities that were committed and ensure that history is documented accurately. By speaking up, you are playing a vital role in the healing process and promoting a society that values justice, equality, and peace.

As we unite in this collective effort to remember the victims of Black July, let us strive for a future where such violence and discrimination have no place. By sharing your testimony, you are contributing to a world that values human rights, equality, and understanding.

Please contact the Canadian Tamil Congress with your Black July 83 testimonial: 416-240-0078 /

Together, let’s honor the victims, learn from the past, and create a better tomorrow. #BlackJulyTestimony

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