Food Drive 2020

  • Food donation அனைவரையும் கலந்து கொள்ளுமாறு கேட்டுக்கொள்ளப்படுகின்றனர்
  • Support by
  • Scarborough Rosewood,Market East Plaza at 3351 Markham Road & Steeles Cleo’s Dry Cleaners along with Blue/Red Building Business Owners
  • Where can I drop off my food donations?
  • On Sunday Aug 9, 2020 12-4pm
  • Market East Plaza 3351 Markham Road at Steeles Parking Lot BLUE&RED Building maps driving directions

மிகவும் தேவையான உணவு பொருட்கள் யாவை?

  • Baby food and formula
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned fish and meat
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Rice, grains, lentils, beans
  • Dried pasta
  • Pasta sauce and canned tomatoes (whole or crushed)
  • Cans of soup and stew
  • Powdered, canned and tetra pak milk

மேலதிக விபரங்கள்: Cleo’s Dry Cleaners 647-628-9141

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