Human Values Day-April 24

Human Values Day is observed yearly on April 24th

Human Values….

are the positive qualities inherent in each of us. They are the natural state of our being. They are universal and not restricted to national borders, cultures or faith groups
Human Values are the core attributes of our personalities that do not change with time and place. These are the inborn traits which drive superior human behavior and nobler choices. While different people use different words to voice their values, these concepts can be distilled into a set of five basic values:
LOVE: caring, compassion, reverence, generosity, kindness, enthusiasm, tolerance, dedication, devotion, unity
PEACE: contentment, discipline, humility, patience, satisfaction, self-control, self-confidence, self-respect
: honesty, integrity, understanding, empathy, optimism, excellence
: consideration, moderation, co-operation, equality, cultural respect, social justice.
RIGHT-CONDUCT: courtesy, gratitude, responsibility, sacrifice, initiative, leadership, courage, duty and ethics

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