Ontario premier இராணுவத்தை உடனடியாக அழைக்க வேண்டும்! supporting long-term care in Ontario என்று எம் பி ஹரி ஆனந்தசங்கரி கேட்டுக்கொண்டார்

Ontario premier இராணுவத்தை உடனடியாக அழைக்க வேண்டும்! supporting Ontario in long-term care என்று எம் பி ஹரி ஆனந்தசங்கரி பாராளுமன்றத்தில் பேசுகையில் இந்த வேண்டுகோளை விடுத்தார்

Without significant structural reforms capable of addressing the inherent failures within Canada’s long-term care sector, we will not cure the ongoing crises within these facilities.
Provinces and territories need to work together with the federal government to establish national stands of care. There is no acceptable reason why a long-term care residents in British Columbia is held to a different standard of care than one living in Prince Edward Island or Ontario. National standards will enshrine the decency our most vulnerable deserve.
To protect these standards, amendments must be made to Canada’s Criminal Code which explicitly penalize those who neglect seniors under their care and willingly put them in danger. The startling rise of legislation designed to create a culture of impunity and inhibit justice from the families of victims is shameful. This abuse of power must not continue.Finally, all inquires into the state of long-term care must be public, independent, and led by panels which include residents, staff, and families of survivors. It has become increasingly clear that government-led commissions, like those in Ontario, are incapable of producing a sufficiently thorough investigation into this crisis.
When the #COVID19 pandemic is over and we begin returning to restaurants, reuniting with our friends, or relaxing at the beach, the women and men in long-term care will remain in these facilities.
As legislators, it is incumbent upon us to significantly elevate the existing standards of care across the country. The women and men in long-term care are worthy of a higher standard of living not because they are our parents, grandparents, neighbours, or friends, but because they are endowed with the same equal and inherent right to dignity, respect and care as all Canadians.
When our crisis is over their crisis will continue, unless we act—now

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