Premier Doug Ford announces COVID-19 vaccine certificate system coming

COVID-19: Premier Doug Ford announces vaccine certificate system coming Sept. 22 for Ontario

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announces the province is introducing a COVID-19 vaccine certification system on September 22. Residents will need to show their proof of vaccination receipt along with photo ID to access certain indoor public settings such as restaurants, gyms, and movie theatres. Proof is not required at retail stores, places of worship, banks, salons, and outdoor settings. Children under 12 and people who are unvaccinated due to medical exemptions are exempt. Indoor masking policies will remain in place. The province is expected to launch a smartphone app on October 22. Ford had initially resisted the idea of creating a proof of vaccination system. He is joined at the Queen’s Park news conference by Christine Elliott, Ontario’s minister of health, Kaleed Rasheed, the associate minister of digital government, and Dr. Kieran Moore, the province’s chief medical officer of health. (September 1, 2021)

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