Rideau Hallலில் நடைபெற்ற விழாவில், ஆளுநர் ஜெனரல் Julie Payette Chrystia Freeland பதவியேற்பதற்கு தலைமை தாங்குகிறார்

PM Trudeau shuffles cabinet in wake of Bill Morneau’s resignation – August 18, 2020

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In a ceremony at Rideau Hall, Governor General Julie Payette presides over the swearing in of Chrystia Freeland as finance minister and Dominic LeBlanc as intergovernmental affairs minister. Freeland is the first woman to hold Canada’s federal finance portfolio. She retains the role of deputy prime minister. LeBlanc retains his position as president of the Queen’s Privy Council. This cabinet shuffle comes following Bill Morneau’s announcement that he is leaving federal politics

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