Special Presidential Inquiry Commission invites Mano Ganesan- Mano MP refuses to accept Sinhala order ′′ Send in Tamil ′′

Special Presidential Inquiry Commission invites Mano GanesanMano MP refuses to accept Sinhala order ′′ Send in Tamil ′′

The Special Presidential Commission, Tamil Progressive Alliance, Democratic People’s Front Leader, Colombo District MP Mano Ganesan, set up by the current President to inquire about the activities of the Anti-Corruption Committee and the Secretariat set up during the last regime,, has sent an invitation to socialize the inquiry.
The special Presidential Commission’s invitation brought to his home by the Kohuvalai Zonal Police Station will be sent in Tamil language only because it was in whole Sinhala, until then it cannot be accepted and socialized for the inquiry, an email reply letter in Tamil language to the Special Presidential Commission, Mano Ganesan MP has sent it.
What Mano MP has told media about this,
These Special Presidential Commission hearings have been long overdue. Several opposition MPs were called several times. I was not invited.
I’m suddenly called in this situation now. Not sure why the sudden call. The president recently spoke in a style that he could use two of his third strengths to impeach the entire cabinet of the last regime. Don’t know if this is the expression.
This invitation is only in Sinhala language. Admitting this, I have announced that I will not be able to attend the Special Presidential Commission hearing.


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Also, I have sent this invitation to me in Sinhala and pointed out that these Special Presidential Commissioners have violated the section 4th Chapter, 22th Rule (2), (a) of the Sri Lankan Constitution.
According to the rules of the 4th Chapter, 22th Rule (2), (a) of the Sri Lankan Constitution, any citizen of Sri Lanka, from any government office, has the right to get communication in Tamil language through letter and verbal language, I am a Tamilian I have pointed out to this Special Presidential Commission that you know that you have failed to communicate with me in Sri Lanka’s co-official Tamil language and have violated the constitutional rules.
Whatever it is, let the invitation of this Special Presidential Commission come first in Tamil language. And will meet inquiries if necessary.
But, even there, they should write and register my confession in an errorless Tamil language.

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