Toronto pays tribute to killed officer Const. Jeffrey Northrup

கடமையில் கொல்லப்பட்ட ஒரு டொராண்டோ காவல்துறை அதிகாரியை நினைவு கூர்ந்தனர்

Constable Northrup proudly served the Toronto Police Service for 31 and a half years. He started his career with Court Services and was assigned to 11 Division when he became a police officer in 1999. He has been a member of 52 Division since 2008. He was also a proud member of the Chief’s Ceremonial Unit. He is survived by his wife, his three children and his mother.

Chief James Ramer’s Remarks at the Funeral of Constable Jeffrey Northrup,
July 12, 2021

Broadcast time: 15:30
Date: Monday, July 12, 2021
Unit: Corporate Communications
Phone: 416-808-7100

Minister Blair, Lieutenant Governor Dowdeswell, Premier Ford, Mayor Tory, Chair Hart, members of the Board and other distinguished guests;

Family, friends, and fellow members of the policing community:

As Chief of the Toronto Police Service, I am both privileged and deeply saddened to be here with all of you today, to honour the life and mourn the loss of Constable Jeffrey Northrup – a colleague, and courageous police officer, and most importantly, a husband, father and son.

As a police officer there is no greater burden and no greater honour than to bear witness to the bravery of a fallen officer, lost in service to our city.

We are here as citizens, fellow police officers, colleagues, friends and family, to pay tribute to Jeff, to honour his courage and commitment, and to show our gratitude for his sacrifice.

Taking an oath to serve and protect our communities is among the highest callings of public service. But putting the safety of others above our own can come at a terrible cost. This is something we accept, but never expect.

It doesn’t stop us from doing the job we love. And as we know, Jeff loved his job, and as we have heard repeatedly this past week, he did it with diligence and dedication.

But knowing that he died doing the job he loved doesn’t make his death any less tragic.

It doesn’t make the pain of his sudden loss any easier to bear – not for this city, not for his colleagues at 52 division, not for his Major Crime Unit partners and especially not for his family – his wife, Margaret; his children, Brennen, Samantha and Mitchell; and his mother, Dianne.

For you, I know my words are inadequate, and no speech or ceremony will ease your pain. It is my hope, however, that you find solace – and take immense pride – in knowing just how much Jeff meant to his policing family and how truly respected he was.

Jeff’s loss has impacted us all. It is an unsettling and heavy weight on our hearts.

But the sadness of this great loss is not what I want to focus on today.

Today we focus on Jeff – a man who dedicated his life to the things that matter most – his community and his family.

His friends and colleagues will tell you that Jeff was a genuinely lovely and caring man who was fair and friendly to everyone he encountered.

As a police officer, Jeff showed up to every shift with enthusiasm and energy, whether he was working at the Courts, at 11 Division, more recently at 52 Division, or as a proud member of the Chief’s Ceremonial Unit.

When he was off duty, he was a selfless and kind neighbour, a mentor and coach, beloved by everyone.

Most importantly, he was a dedicated family man to his wife and three children who he adored and who were his life.

After more than 31 years of service, Jeff remained an exemplary police officer at a time when being a police officer has never been harder; when the work we do, mostly for people we will never know, is sometimes viewed with distrust; and when the fault lines between us and the communities we serve seem so difficult to bridge.

At times when our confidence wavers, we must think about Jeff.

About his unshakable commitment to this city and to his family; about the relationships he built and nurtured with his colleagues and his community; about the incredible outpouring of grief, support and love we have felt over the past week from all corners of this city, this country and indeed, from across North America.

Let that provide us with some comfort; to know that maybe we are not as divided as we may seem, and that the hard work that Jeff did, and that we all do, to keep our fellow citizens safe, does not go unnoticed.

So though we may grieve, we should not despair.

Honour Jeff’s life by looking out for one another, by holding your friends and families close, and by devoting yourselves to your communities, with empathy and compassion.

Although we cannot match Jeff’s sacrifice, we can try to match his sense of service.

To Jeff’s family – I hope you have felt the overwhelming love and admiration expressed by his fellow officers, all members of the policing community and the grateful communities he served so admirably. Thank you for sharing him with us. You Margaret, Brennan, Samantha, Mitchell – will always remain part of the Toronto Police family.

And to Jeff – you epitomized everything we ask our officers to be; compassionate and respectful to all, selfless, the model of professionalism. On behalf of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service – thank you, and may you rest in peace.

Your service and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

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