Virtual 2021 Liberal National Convention – Day 2

Follow CPAC coverage as Liberals gather virtually to debate policy, elect a new party executive, and hear from leader Justin Trudeau and other speakers in what is likely the last policy convention before a federal election.

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Today’s highlights
10:00 AM – Convention 101
10:00 AM – Indigenous Peoples’ Commission
11:00 AM – Senior Liberals’ Commission
11:00 AM – Young Liberals of Canada
12:00 PM – National Women’s Liberal Commission
12:30 PM – Official Convention Business Opening
1:00 PM – Featured Panel: Ending racism and building an equal future
1:00 PM – Policy Workshop – Infrastructure and Building Stronger Communities
1:00 PM – Policy Workshop – Economic Growth, Innovation, and Affordability
2:00 PM – Featured Panel: Building Back Better: A More Resilient Middle Class and a Robust Recovery that Leaves No One Behind
2:00 PM – Featured Panel: Liberal International: Liberal values and leadership in the decade ahead – With special introductory keynote by Hakima el Haité, President of Liberal International
2:15 PM – Policy Workshop – Agriculture, Environment and Energy
2:15 PM – Policy Workshop – Health, Justice and Social Development
3:30 PM – Featured Panel: Keeping Communities Safe
3:30 PM – Policy Information Session – Fast-Track Resolutions
4:30 PM – Featured Panel: A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy
4:30 PM – Featured Panel: Building a better future for Rural Canadians: Championing middle class opportunity and rural quality of life
5:45 PM – Keynote Conversation: Leadership in the fight against climate change: In Conversation with Laure Waridel & the Hon. Steven Guilbeault
6:15 PM – Featured Panel: Protecting Canadians’ Health
7:00 PM – Keynote Conversation with Mark Carney – Hosted by Marci Ien
7:40 PM – Keynote Remarks by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau
8:00 PM – Keynote Conversation with Ben Rhodes – Hosted by the Hon. Marc Garneau

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