As the world faces crises that have impacts on people all around the globe, we need to come together to find collective solutions.

Prime Minister addresses global challenges and champions inclusive and sustainable growth at the G20

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today concluded his participation at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, where he worked to spur progress on global challenges affecting people, like climate change and food and energy insecurity, and made a series of funding announcements. He also raised the importance of the rule of law.

In New Delhi, Prime Minister Trudeau underscored the importance of collective action to accelerate economic growth that benefits everyone. He stressed the urgent need for G20 partners to step up as the impacts of climate change worsen global food, economic, and energy insecurity, and drive supply chain challenges. He expressed concern for our G20 partners and other countries who have also suffered from extreme floods and wildfires in recent months, and spoke to the devastating impact of the wildfires that have ravaged Canadian provinces and territories this summer.

During the G20 Summit, the Prime Minister reaffirmed Canada’s unwavering support for the rules-based international order and the global trade and economic progress that rely on it. He condemned Russia’s brutal and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms and stressed that the most vulnerable in our societies are affected most by the war’s global impacts. To co-operate globally to grow the economy, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the G20, we must be united in calls for Russia to end its illegal war in Ukraine. The Prime Minister stated that Canada will never recognize the results of the ongoing sham elections held by Russia in Ukraine, which are nothing but a cynical attempt to legitimize military conquest under the guise of democracy.

At the Summit, Prime Minister Trudeau advocated for stronger and more inclusive multilateral institutions and welcomed the African Union’s membership in the G20, calling for a greater voice for developing countries on the global stage. The Prime Minister also took this opportunity to meet with the Chairperson of the African Union (AU), Azali Assoumani, to congratulate the AU on their leadership in multilateralism and representing the Global South.

The Prime Minister and the other G20 leaders released a joint statement making a collective commitment to accelerate sustainable growth, work to reform international financial institutions for the 21st century, support digital transformation in our public institutions, and ensure equal rights for women and girls in all their diversity.

To help achieve the SDGs around the world, including by addressing the impacts of climate change, improving food security, and empowering all women and girls, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada will provide:

  • Up to $63 million in funding for five new Partnering for Climate projects that will use nature-based solutions to support climate change adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa, help to build climate-resilient economies, protect and increase biodiversity, and empower women and girls;
  • $7.7 million to fund inclusive, sustainable development of agricultural value chains in Bolivia to help improve resilience for vulnerable Indigenous populations in the face of climate change and food insecurity;
  • $7 million to the Catalytic Climate Finance Facility to bolster climate finance projects in developing countries and support projects that address the impacts of climate change on economically vulnerable groups, particularly women and girls;
  • $15.7 million in funding to help finance and grow women-led agricultural enterprises in Nigeria;
  • $15 million in funding to help bolster food security in the Democratic Republic of Congo and increase incomes for women in the industry; and
  • $22 million in funding to improve school nutrition in Burkina Faso, helping to alleviate chronic food and nutrition insecurity in the country and address the nutrition and education needs of the most vulnerable, especially girls.

Canada is a proud and dedicated architect of the G20. We are committed to driving sustainable economic progress globally and protecting the earth we all call home. We will continue to work to deliver real results for Canada and for our partners around the world now, and into the future.

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